Multimedia Services

Protecting your practice and your patients with surveillance solutions. Enhancing your practice with audio and video solutions, as well as web design and development.

Protecting & enhancing the client experience

Whether you’re looking to install a new surveillance system, setting up a new practice, or modernizing your existing office, we offer a variety of multimedia services to set you apart from the others. Build your brand with our Web Development Solutions, improve your environment with customized Audio & Video Solutions.


Our surveillance solutions make sure you always have an eye on your practice. With remote viewing you'll be able to monitor any occurances in your practice and minimize risk while increasing security. We also offer additional security services.

Audio & Sound Systems

We can take care of your practice's audio and sound system needs. With the installation of in-ceiling speakers and control panels, use audio to elevate the experience for your patients. We offer the installation of analogue and VoiP telephone systems as well, to keep your business connected.

Video Solutions

Through technology procurement and an assessment based off your practice needs, we can help with the installation of any video based solutions. From projectors to ceiling mounted TV's, or rail mounted monitors.

Web Solutions

Alongside our web hosting solutions, we also offer web design and development services. Whether you're a new practice looking for someone to create your online presence, or you're a practice looking for a redesign -- we're here for you. Our websites are optimized for mobile devices and include SEO to make sure your practice can be found.

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