About Us

Quality, security, and simplicity – The driving principles behind our company and our approach to managed I.T. services.

Our core values

Amity Technologies was built on the belief that if you focus on quality, security, and simplicity, it will create a unified experience for not only your clients but their end users. Our goal is to help you:

  • increase employee productivity,
  • minimize time spent troubleshooting,
  • increase revenue streams,
  • improve customer service, and
  • increase employee morale.


Quality every step of the way. From the base of network installation, to the hardware and components used, to the customer support offered. Delivering excellence is a priority for us at Amity Technologies. Focusing not only on the challenges faced today, but always keeping in mind the challenges presented tomorrow.


Your data is our business. With an ever growing amount of malicious threats, it's imperative to stay protected. Minimizing exposure and risk is essential in delivering a quality experience at Amity Technologies. We keep both physical and virtual security in mind.


Ease of use and accessibility is important for your customers and employees. With efficiency and simplicity in mind, we can offer tools to reduce employee/end user frustration, and to help streamline efficiency with the purpose of making you more competitive.

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