Network Installation

A strong cabling foundation can improve stability, reliability and efficiency. Your network deserves the best and our voice & data installation specialists are there to make sure of it.

Laying the ground work

Your network is only as good as the cabling supporting it. We’re committed to running high quality voice & data lines to reliably power your practice. Ensuring a smooth experience for you and your patients, and with upgradability in mind to keep your practice ahead the game.

Design & Installation

Based off of your specifications and requirements, we can design and install a solution that'll fit your needs without breaking the bank. We increase reliability and efficiency by not compromising on quality or components used.

Testing & Troubleshooting

Amity Technologies will handle the testing & troubleshooting of existing systems and make recommendations & suggestions based off our assessment. Looking to set up a new operatory or board room? We can make sure everything is running smoothly and ready to go.

Audio / Video Systems

Enhance the experience for your staff and patients with our Audio/Video Systems Installation solutions. We take care of any required cabling for the professional installation of monitors, T.Vs, speakers, and other components to deliver an immersive experience in your practice

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