Backup & Security

Your data is your business, with our backup & security solutions, we can keep minimize risk and exposure, and get you back up and running in case disaster strikes.

In case of emergency, break glass

Our array of backup & security solutions can keep help mitigate your exposure to risk and offer peace of mind with Disaster Relief solutions and Back Up Monitoring. Minimize risk with Anti-Virus and Malware protection and keep your team productive with website & content filtering.

Disaster Relief

Keep yourself protected in case of emergencies with our disaster relief solutions. With threats becoming more sophisticated it's become imperative to brace yourself for the worst. While you can minimize your risk through antivirus, malware protection, and content filtering, you're unfortunately never 100% protected. This is why we offer onsite and offsite backups with rapid deployment to get you back to your patients while minimizing downtime.

Backup Monitoring

With our disaster relief solutions, we offer backup monitoring. This reduces the amount of time spent checking backups, and generates alerts if a backup is missed or incomplete. All while maintaining compliance. There are significant consequences associated with data loss with can interrupt your practice and productivity, with backup monitoring you'll have peace of mind knowing you're always protected.

Antivirus & Malware Detection

Reduce your day to day exposure with our antivirus & malware solutions. With proper protection you can minimize risk and exposure to unwanted threats. Viruses and malware can lead to compromised patient data and a disruption in operations.

Website & Content Filtering

Control what can be viewed and maximize productivity with our website & content filtering solutions. With flexible control over blacklists and whitelists, set specific websites that can be viewed or block entire categories

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